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Deb Lemon

Deb has spent an extensive 25+ years in the fitness industry. She taught her first class at the very young age of 19 while attending Millersville University obtaining her BS in Education. It was at this time that she realized fitness was her "calling." It was almost eight years later that she found her true passion...Pilates, when she was hired as a fitness model on QVC. Deb had spent all of those eight years acquiring a personal trainer certification, mat pilates, step, boxing, and spinning certifications.

Deb is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher, Peak Pilates® Certified, Peak Pilates® Level 3 Certified, Booty-Barre Certified, and Piloxing Certified. Deb is a teacher and always a student. She attends 2 conferences every year to learn and expand on variations of exercises to keep classes fresh and results driven. She holds monthly teacher training sessions with her teachers to be sure the studio is living up to client's expectations. She was employed by the same fitness center for 20 years where she managed the group exercise program, the personal training department, and eventually opened and managed the Pilates Reformer studio.

Bodies by Pilates is a group class studio offering various equipment and mat classes including Reformer, Chair, Cadillac Tower, and Pilatesstick. Private sessions are always available to those who prefer more one on one attention. Deb knew that once someone came to try it, and felt what this machine does for the body...they would fall in love with it! Making Pilates reformer affordable makes Deb happy!

Deb has hand picked her teachers and is very proud of the diversity of styles that are presented to clients. The entire staff has ongoing training and education in order to bring the best possible class to clients every single time.

Deb has earned her reputation for transforming people's bodies and their lives due to her passion and sincere love of exercise. Her enthusiasm is priceless and especially genuine!

Carol Weiss

Carol Weiss has been teaching the Pilates method for ten years. She has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1, 2, and 3 certification, Madd Dog Spinning Certification and is Barre certified. Carol expanded her knowledge after becoming certified in mat and reformer Pilates over nine years ago. Carol is known for her technical ability and her pleasant way of presenting Pilates to her clients. It is always obvious that she loves what she does. You will leave her class feeling invigorated and spiritually cleansed.

Jenna Koser

Jenna has always had a passion for Pilates. Now she has a new passion and that is teaching Pilates to others. Jenna loves the way she feels after Pilates, whether it is classical mat or on the reformer. She is able to let the stressors of everyday life melt away and feel rejuvenated. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than being able to share that with other people. Pilates is one of the few exercises that is for everyone, no matter your age, gender or what shape you are in. She is excited to be a part of the Bodies by Pilates family and is excited to share her knowledge and passion for Pilates with you! Jenna has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1 and2 Certification and is also certified in Piloxing and Barre.

Claudia Tramell

Claudia discovered her love for Pilates while in graduate school, beginning with group classical mat practice and eventually the reformer and other apparatus in private sessions. After receiving a master's degree in Occupational Therapy from Temple University in 2006, she discovered the very movements and stretches practiced in the studio could be adapted and applied in a rehabilitation setting. Little did she know three months of bed rest due to pregnancy complications would afford her a first-hand appreciation of the transformation possible from Pilates regarding strength and function. As a result, Claudia is well equipped to handle the challenge of working with clients suffering from chronic or acute physiological issues. Claudia has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1 and 2 Certification and is also Barre certified.

Katie Dudley

Katie spent ten years of her life doing karate and earned her black belt in 2008. Unfortunately, she became restricted in physical activity due to rheumatoid arthritis and lupus´┐Żuntil she found Pilates in the spring of 2013. Pilates allowed her to reconnect to her passion of living a healthy and active live. Katie is currently attending Gwynedd-Mercy University majoring in nursing. She is looking forward to changing lives and bodies through Pilates! Katie has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1 Certification.


Janelle Vannoy

Janelle has always been drawn to fitness but she found herself immersed in a whole new passion when she was introduced to Pilates. She is truly excited to be able to now share that passion with those that attend her classes. Janelle is also Barre Certified. She started practicing Pilates in 2005 and went through IMX Pilates certification and is working towards her Peak Pilates® Level 1 certification. Janelle is fascinated with the transformative power that the mind has over the body and believes that the physical health and awareness are essential to reaching one's optimal potential. It is a great feeling to be inspired and inspire others through the Pilates experience. My goal for you is to walk out of the door feeling exhilarated, more in tune with your inner self, and walking just a little bit taller. Janelle could not be more excited to be a part of the Bodies by Pilates family! Hope to see you in one of my classes soon!