Why is pilates for you?

You will feel good from the inside out. Pilates takes our modern day lifestyle and restores our bodies.

Why choose pilates reformer?

Simply the most efficient form of exercise for the modern day lifestyle.

Why group pilates reformer?

Deb has found a way to take an exclusive exercise program and deliver it to the Average Jane or Joe at a very reasonable price.

Why bodies by pilates with Deb?

Fitness includes strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular aspects.

Deb has been a personal trainer in industry for more than 20 yrs and has found this to be the most effective way to train the body. Pilates Reformer classes will integrate all aspects of fitness in a balanced way.

Why Bodies by Pilates?

You will have fun and get some Me time for yourself.

How do I get into classes when they seem to be booked already?

Use the wait list. It really works. Lots of people change their schedules up until the last minute. You won’t have a chance of getting into a class unless you put yourself on the wait list.

Should I do private sessions?

Everyone can benefit from private sessions no matter how long you have been practicing. You are paying for one on one attention. You and your teacher set goals and work on areas you’d like to improve on. Some clients really need more than one initial private to feel comfortable and safe in a group class. If you’re not sure, ask your teacher after your initial private session. It is truly a great investment!

What if I can’t make it to a class that I registered for?

You need to cancel out of a class no later than 24 hours ahead so that you are not charged. That class goes right back into your account. If you cancel less than 24 hours, that class comes out of your account.

What is the $10 late cancel fee?

This fee applies to clients using a monthly introductory offer. You need to cancel out of a class no less than 8 hours or you will incur a $10 fee.

What is the $20 no show/no call fee?

Monthly auto pay clients and class package clients that do not cancel and do not show will be charged $20 and lose that class. This applies to all equipment and non-equipment classes. You will receive an email notifying you of the charges.

Can I attend classes at both locations?


What if the weather is bad and I am registered for a class?

Please look on the schedule BEFORE leaving for a class. I will do my best to make a decision at least 90 minutes ahead of a class starting based on the weather forecast. Not everyone drives or lives too far away, so I never “assume” that clients can’t get to the studio. For the most part, my teachers make every effort to show up to teach their classes. Sometimes, I will rearrange teachers so that they are travel the least distance for any class during these winter months. If you do not see that a class has been cancelled on the schedule, or you do not receive a text or an email notifying you that a class has been cancelled…then classes are being held.

If your child’s school is cancelled or has a delay, this DOES NOT mean that we do not have classes. Not everyone is affected by school closings. If your child’s school has a delay or is cancelled and you are scheduled for a morning class that you will not be able to attend…you will need to hit late cancel AND follow up with a phone call or an email letting us know that the late cancel should be reversed. I will only reverse late cancels if you follow these instructions. I will only reverse late cancels if you actually have children and their school actually had a delay or a closing.

Evening classes are determined on a case by case basis. You will be notified if a class has been cancelled. If you decide not to attend a class due to the weather, then that will count as a late cancel. Please DO NOT ask me to reverse them.

It goes without saying, but I have no control over the weather! Make your decisions carefully and always be safe!

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