Boxing Combo Classes

(classes start the week of October 1st)

Boxing Combo Classes


What is it?

These classes are designed to include boxing combinations for a portion of the class with any of the following…mat pilates, barre, weights, toning and sculpting. The goal is to include High Intensity Training (boxing) with strength and core exercises while getting a whole body workout and increasing fat burning!


These classes are included in any package you purchase. There is no “private session” required to participate in these classes. These classes are included in the monthly auto-pay membership.


Results happen when you make a “change” from what your body is used to doing. Change happens when you are “comfortably uncomfortable” when you’re working out. You will sweat in this class…something a lot of people do not allow to happen. You will be energized by the hard work you put into it. You will feel every muscle from head to toe when you’re finished. It’s an hour that is well worth your time!

What Do I need?

Bring water (or purchase at the studio). Wear or bring sneakers as you will need them for a portion of the class. If you have boxing gloves…bring them. If not, we have them. Bring your “A” Game every time!

Who Should Do These Classes?

You…You…and You!!!! That would be everyone…including You! There is a modification or alternative for anyone who needs it.


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