Staro 5/30/2015

Love everything about this studio, especially the way I feel after each class!! Great teachers, great classes and wonderful atmosphere!!


Straface 5/27/2015

Love body shred!

Hartshaw 5/25/2015

All of the instructors I have taken classes with have been fantastic. Carol, Jenelle, and Claudia have all been understanding of I need to modify a specific exercise for my low back injury. Would recommend Bodies by Pilates to anyone in a heartbeat!

Liebold 5/23/2015

The new studio is great with the open concept, I feel there’s more cohesiveness with teachers and clients when you enter and see everyone, even if it’s just to passing thru to get to another class. Also , really enjoying the new classes on the schedule, so I can vary my workouts. Deb and her teachers are nothing short of awesome when it comes to pilates etal. So very gratiful to have found them. PL

Richards 5/23/2015

Pilates is the first exercise routine I have ever been able to stick with and love and Bodies by Pilates is the place to go! The instructors are knowledgeable and patient. They help you progress without letting you become discouraged. The facility is lovely and the equipment is always kept clean and in great repair. The only downside is that you may become addicted to Pilates like me!

McGinnis 5/19/2015

I wish I found this place sooner. I love the instructors. The studio is very nice and clean. Pilates really help me with my muscle pains. I enjoy the classes a lot.

Anon 5stars 5/12/2015

The Bodyshred classes are phenomenal! The instructor always kicks it up a notch & I love it! The studio is clean & my favorite forgotten water bottle was still there the following week. Unfortunately, parking is a hassle, the bathroom mirrors are too small & placed too high for those of us that are vertically challenged. Toilet seat covers would be nice since it’s still a public bathroom.

Hartshaw 5/5/2015

Loved the individual instruction by Carol. I am really looking forward to the classes I have scheduled over the course of the next month!

Kabatt 4/28/2015

happy that Bodies by Pilates is a part of Bridge Street and even happier that I am a client of Body by Pilates. the studio is welcoming as is the staff and the instruction is superb!

Smith 4/25/2015

Amazing studio environment with top notch instructors!!!! A life-changing, challenging, healthy workout!

Moreno 4/23/2015

I am grateful that Deb Lemon Heil created Bodies for Pilates. This will be my 3rd year with this excerise regime and I believe, at 51, that I have never been as physically and emotionally strong. Carol, Cara, Jenna, Melissa and Deb have helped me develop this strength. Their expertise, professionalism and kindness makes my Pilate’s experience AWESOME!!!

Webb 4/14/2015

Could NOT be HAPPIER with the classes at Bodies by Pilates!! Its become my sanctuary from my weekly insanity! Had a rough day, get yourself to a Shred class, what road rager? Need to decompress for an hour, Pilates is your jam! LOVE it here!

Watson-Kuhn 4/14/2015

Expert instruction, cheerful, clean space, many workout options- this place is great!

Zoll 4/14/2015

Beautiful studio with excellent trainers who make you feel welcome:)

Tran 4/13/2015

I love Bodies by Pilates. The instructors are great and they know what they are doing. I am pregnant and working out at this studio is a must for me. The instructors are great at modifying the exercises for my pregnancy. I highly recommend you give Bodies by Pilates a try. It’s worth it.

Anon 4/3/2015

Shred class is absolutely the best 30 minute workout I have ever experienced. Fun fast and exhilarating activities! The instructors of this class make it Fun!

Schaeffer 3/17/2015

Absolutely loving the new BodyShred classes! Great workout in just 30 minutes, which goes by so fast. Instructors have high energy which helps to keep you to keep up your own. And who doesn’t love hitting and kicking things?

Chawaga 3/8/2015

I have been doing pilates on a mat for over a year. Had my first lesson on the reformer, totally different. I now realize my form was way out of whack! I highly recommend this studio, top notch.

Watson-Kuhn 3/1/2015

Love this place! Instructors are the real deal. SO glad I found it.

Julien 2/16/2015

Carol Weiss has been amazing and I am really enjoying the Foundations series. I am 6 months pregnant and she has been so accommodating in her schedule and so thoughtful in her feedback and expertise in showing me the foundation moves, plus the necessary modifications. I am so very fortunate to have found this studio and feel very blessed to have been teamed up with Carol in my privates. I can’t wait to get in to try some of the other classes in my post-natal months.

Moreno 1/30/2015

Simply LOVING the new studio!!! The classes are AWESOME!!! Feeling very grateful and inspired. I was able to schedule every class I wanted to take this week: Tower, Reformer, Lean Legs, Foundations and Jump Board Reformer. BTW…parking IS NOT an issue.

Webb 1/17/2015

An amazing place everyone should check out!! You owe it to yourself! Great classes!

Anon 1/13/2015

I have found the classes to be fun, challenging and even a little relaxing. This is my first Pilates experience and I’m really enjoying it

Anon 11/28/2014

Awesome classes, awesome teachers. Very positive atmosphere.

Dean 11/10/2014

Great workout, beautiful facility and wonderful staff. I just wish there were more classes and open longer on weekends

Schaeffer 11/9/2014

Love everything about Bodies By Pilates…the classes, the instructors, the other people who go there. Small group classes with individualized feedback from instructors. So glad I found this place!

MILLICK 11/8/2014

My very first class was a private one with Katie and I must say she is AWESOME! I knew nothing and left feeling excited to begin my group classes, she was patient and did a wonderful job explaining how each move worked…it was fun!~

Smith 10/25/2014

A truly wonderful place! All instructors are fabulous!

Smith 10/15/2014

I’ve found the answer to a fun and challenging workout that is also going to heal my lower back issues! !!!! Both studios are gorgeous and clean! Instructors are amazing and very well-trained.

Moreno 10/12/2014

I can’t say enough about how truly satisfied and happy I am with Bodies by Pilates! I began a little over a year ago and I am thrilled with my results. For me, fitness is not only about weight. It’s about physical and emotional health, strength and flexibility. Bodies by Pilates has provided me with ALL of these!!! Thank you Cara, Jenna, Carol, Meg and Deb. You are ALL truly awesome, caring teachers!!!

Anon 10/6/2014

Beautiful, clean, allow you to go at your own pace, friendly staff, pricey but you definitely get your monies worth.

Winters 9/21/2014

What a difference I saw in my body shape after 6 months!! Love the teachers, too. The quaint studio atmosphere is so welcoming, unlike those big fitness clubs. No ones judging you at BBP- no need to feel self conscious. Love it.

Betzala 9/16/2014

Carol Weiss has been phenominal in helping me build up strength and flexibility. I have a long way to go but her coaching, patience and encouragement is very much appreciated.

Mcgrady 9/13/2014

I have enjoyed my classes at Bodies by Pilates and look forward to a long relationship. Classes are great and times are flexible. Instructors are amazing and full of energy and experience.

Anon 9/4/2014

I went to a private class last week, and Carol was my instructor. I had “Googled” Pilates before going to the class, and knew a little about what to expect. I believe that Pilates would have been an EXCELLENT choice, if I had made the choice about 15 years ago! I think Carol would be a wonderful instructor. She is very nice, and very knowledgeable. However, at this stage of my life, I feel that it would be a bit of a strain for me to take classes. After suffering two quite debilitating falls, and being out of condition, anyway, I feel that the classes would not be appropriate for me to take right now. Otherwise, I would have loved to be participating in the classes, because I believe in the potential of what they can do for people, physically, and mentally, also. Thanks!

Palmer 8/29/2014

I have been doing Pilates off and on for 5 years. This studio is professional, beautiful and challenging. Deb has got a perfect mix of class and fun! Loving it!

Wildauer 8/27/2014

Bodies by Pilates is a great studio. Being new to reformer pilates, I am thankful to have found the instructors knowledgeable and fun.

Anon 8/13/2014

I really enjoyed my private lesson with Carol. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world and Carol made me believe I can do Pilates. She was extremely patient with me. I’m looking forward to continuing with the private lessons. The studio is beautiful and I strongly feel my fitness goals can be met doing Pilates. I’m excited!

Mcgrady 8/1/2014

Great experience at every lesson. Instructors are knowledgeable and professional.

Anon 7/30/2014

Loved my first private class! Beautiful studio and wonderful instructor.

Carlson 7/2/2014

Love the classes:)

Gallicchio 6/22/2014

The classes are great, the instructors care about the accuracy of your body position which is important since that is a big part of Pilates, how you do the exercise.

Gunning 6/21/2014

Promotes motivaiton to stick to your exercise goals. Clean environment. Staff is wonderful. Classes are challenging but in a relaxed atmosphere. I got my cholesterol numbers and blood pressure down from a year ago. Helping with my platar faciatis.

Anon 6/14/2014

I had a great private class. Excited about trying a group class next.

Neff 6/8/2014

I thought that the free pilates demo was great. I walked away with a little more body awareness and I can’t wait to set up my private and get started learning the reformer.

Henderson 5/29/2014

It’s very difficult for me to find a class that I truly enjoy. I am at a point in my life where I don’t just want to go to the gym and work out, I need to have some fun! Bodies By Pilates has really been the only studio that I am actually excited to go to and work out. It’s a combination of a great work out and at the same time incredibly relaxing for me, I have no idea how that’s possible. The classes are small and intimate so correction by the instructor is available which is something I also highly value because no one wants an injury! Thank you to all the girls at Bodies By Pilates! You’re the best!

Northcott 5/26/2014

First fundamentals class and really enjoyed it. Instructor helped get me up to speed w/ the movements and made sure I was doing things right.

Mulligan 5/26/2014

Bodies by Pilates is amazing! All of the instructors are so friendly, educated, and helpful. It’s a very good full body workout but is not intimidating and very “doable” for anyone. You can feel and see the results very quickly!

Anon 5/26/2014

Have truly enjoyed the introduction to Pilates at Bodies by Pilates. The space is lovely, intimate, clean and inviting. Many different instructors and classes are available. There is a fairly rigid cancellation policy and classes fill up very quickly. Nonetheless, the waiting list policy works well and you can often slide into a class if you are flexible enough. Instructors are savvy and most of them emphasize form well, although given the non-traditional exercises, I would like to see more consistency and hands-on form guidance from all instructors, not just select instructors.

Carlson 5/18/2014

Had a wonderful private session yesterday with Carol. Am happy to be back to Pilates and loved your studio:)

Belisario 5/15/2014

Meg’s classes are great! She incorporates the whole body connection, I took her Tower class and lean leg reformer class this past week and the workout was amazing! My body has that good workout feeling! I look forward to all my Pilates classes, all of the instructors are wonderful, and have a passion and dedication to provide a total body workout.

Anon 5/6/2014

I just recently joined and I’m looking to start the classes but most are full and it’s discouraging because I’m in my foundations classes and I can’t take many classes and it’s hard with how few are offered. Do you think they will ever offer maybe a 4:30 class in phx? I could only book one class for the next two weeks due to fullness and schedule conflicts with my schedule vs. your guys

Anon 5/5/2014

Bodies By Pilates is an overall great experience. High quality equipment, good instructors and environment. There is a nice variety of classes and time slots. The only two areas for improvement would be the very high pricing and there is no benefit to doing a “late cancel” on a class, as you are still penalized if someone takes your spot.

Northcott 5/5/2014

Far more strenuous workout than I had expected, made me a believer in reformer!

BEARD SR 5/4/2014

Deb is a great instructor! I always have admiration for people who are passionate about what they do. I will work out at Bodies by Pilates as long as I can. I feel different after one workout much less twenty!! Brian

MacBain 5/2/2014

Deb and staff are exceptional trainers and they go above and beyond to teach pilates as well as the other classes they offer. I love, love, love it! I went down 2 clothing sizes within 8 weeks of starting classes. Woo Hoo! I was wearing swim shorts and a tankini top before with a towel wrapped around my waist to cover my hips and thighs. Now, I am walking the beach and laying by the pool in a two piece swim suit! YES! And there is more!! I feel so much better both physically and mentally. I am a nine yr. breast cancer survivor and was struggling with aches and pains before I started pilates. No more pain thanks to the stretching and strengthening of all muscle groups!!! Also,taking the classes lifts my spirits mentally and I feel more energized! Thank you so very much Bodies by Pilates!!!! Your’re a 10!!! For sure!!

Anon 4/29/2014

Hi, I go to your Creamery location and was wondering if there is going to be anymore classes offered. For myself who has a work schedule that is not the same every week, the classes always seem to be full really quickly. Yes, I am last minute in signing up, but I have to be because of my schedule. I am disappointed that there are not more classes available, I’m getting discouraged.

Hickey 4/23/2014

Janelle was fabulous!

Deoria 4/3/2014

I love the way my body feels afterward and all the trainers are so caring! So proud to say I go there!!!

Anon 3/12/2014

Great personalized attention, knowledgable instructors. Sometimes I feel that classes are cancelled too frequently.

Anon 3/10/2014

The am enjoying my intro to the reformer! I am anxious though, to get through my beginning foundations classes so that I may try other classes. I am exceptionally interested in doing more barre and mat work. I am hoping that more of these classes will soon be offered in Phoenixville. I have taken these classes elsewhere and in spite of being difficult they are super effective! Thank you

Tabarrini 2/25/2014

Love bodies by Pilates. The instructors work with each person on a one to one need, making sure your form is correct and that every move is done safely. It helps that all of the instructors LOVE what they do and have such passion about a healthy lifestyle!!

Roos 2/23/2014

Had a great time at the orientation class. I learned a lot about Pilates and the equipment that we will be using. Jenna was really great! She answered all of our questions and is super friendly. I will definitely be back!

Anon 2/8/2014

Bodies By Pilates in Phoenixville is a GREAT studio. My husband and I do both Pilates and spin classes each week. The instructors are knowledgeable and caring and the facility is inviting, well-equipped, and well-run. There are a variety of class offerings of varying difficulty to suit most age groups and fitness levels. We have been attending classes for a few years now and are more than satisfied with our workouts and results. Give it a try — you won’t be disappointed!

Anon 1/25/2014

Will you ever offer classes at 4pm? What happened to “Get Booty”??

Moreno 1/1/2014

I would like to share that my experience at Bodies by Pilates has changed my approach and attitude toward exercise and fitness. I’ll be turning 50 in a few months and I can truthfully say that I have never felt stronger. The teachers are absolutely phenomenal individuals. They are invested in their client’s successes. I am simply grateful!

Seagreaves 12/22/2013

The instructors are really helpful and friendly. I appreciate that correct form is always emphasized during class. I would also appreciate if more mat classes were offered :).

Fischer 11/10/2013

Jenna was awesome! She was extremely informative and gave great directions. She was also so patient with answering questions. I fell in love with Pilates the moment we started the demo. I can’t wait to get back to the studio!!

Harris 11/7/2013

I absolutely love your studio and instructors. They are knowledgeable and friendly. I always leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something and good about myself. Thank you for an amazing workout, time after time.

Duffy 11/5/2013

Been with Phoenixville Studio since it opened , Great Instructors, great for your Body and Mind . Great people of all sizes shapes and ages that attend the classes I am 50 + and wanted to do something about my flabby body.I know I have gotten stronger, less aches and pains , seen all parts of my body get toned, and has also helped relieve stress. Classes and schedules are varied, challenging and evolving, but also keep the tried and true . I feel like I have found the exercise component that I needed in my life.

Lamberth 10/31/2013

I am so excited to have found Bodies by Pilates. Deb and her staff are excellent instructors. I get a great workout each and every time!

Prudom 10/29/2013

Am really liking the option of Phoenixville or Skippack locations, as well as different instructors. Thank you, Deb and crew, for keeping Pilates interesting for long time students like myself.

Deveise 10/12/2013

I love your studio and everyone that works in it! I’ve taken the most classes with Melissa ( who is amazing!) She is always showing us different ways to use the equipment and constantly mixes things up so no one gets bored!

Anon 10/12/2013

Excellent studio everyone very proffessional and helpful ! Clean workout area and bathrooms . I highly recommend this business

Scarpelli 9/27/2013

Great place to practice and learn the reformer. Love all the sequences and having the ‘move of the week’ is so great. The instructors are all so lovely – it feels like home. Thank you to owner for making Pilates more affordable. I wish Deb continue success (just met her for the 1st time just last week)

Brand 9/26/2013

Great classes, instructors and facilities. Going to Bodies by Pilates has become an addiction! Wholeheartedly recommend!

Rehm 9/18/2013

I love the studio, the classes and the instructors. Very clean, very professional and I’m really enjoying the pilates. So glad they opened up so close to my home so I can schedule a session during my work day.

Anon 9/16/2013

Have to say Pilates has changed my view of working out. It has made me enjoy exercise again. The instructors are fabulous. Cara D’s classes are amazing. She is patient and thorough with her instruction and provides a work out that leaves you knowing you just did something wonderful for your body!

Tyra 9/15/2013

Bodies by Pilates has been an amazing experience for me. I have become stronger physically and mentally through this practice. I look forward to that “good hurt” the morning after a class because I know I’ve worked muscles that I normally wouldn’t. All of the instructors are incredibly helpful and friendly. They always make you feel welcome and always help you with your form and practice to ensure you’re doing it properly, safely and to benefit you.

Anon 9/1/2013

Melissa is great! She truly strives to give her students the best experience in every session!

Czachor 8/28/2013

Another addicted client… its the one form of exercise that doesn’t bore me even after 2 1/2 years. Deb & Carol are so motivating, its obvious how much they love Pilates and it is contagious, not to mention they have incredible bodies so it makes me want to do more! Trust me you won’t be sorry to try it, the class offering is huge… lots to try and with 2 locations you are sure to find something you love.

Duerr 8/28/2013

Great, knowledgeable, fun, challenging, cool instructors!

Lamberth 8/27/2013

Deb and all of the instructors are extremely professional and well trained. I get a great workout with lots of variety!


i can’t imagine life without Bodies by Pilates!!!! Best place around for total body fitness in an exquisite environment with top notch instructors!

Belisario 8/25/2013

All the instructors are wonderful! Great investment for your overall health and wellness!


I am a fifty something who for the past 20 years have been wearing swim skirts or shorts to hide my butt and thighs. Not this summer!! I have only been going to BodiesbyPilates for 11 weeks and have slimmed and toned my body considerably! I put on a two piece swim suit finally after all these years and proudly walked along the beach!!!My husband told me I looked like a 20 year old!!! Yesss!!!! I love the classes, the studios and the instructors!!! This place is very deserving of a 5 star rating!!!

McCann 8/19/2013

Good instruction in a very nice space(s). Two locations and good schedule. Nice people. Participation requires a series of foundation classes. These lead to very efficiently paced classes.

Heflin 8/17/2013

Love! Bodies by Pilates! Over many years of working out I have tried everything (does anyone remember “sliding”?) and have either peaked out or just got plain bored. I have been with Deb’s studios since she opened and have never been disappointed with a class and miss it when I can’t make it. If you attend classes regularly there is no way you wouldn’t notice a change in your body!

Anon 8/15/2013

This is the most comprehensive exercise program I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been attending the Phoenixville studio for 3 years and I can’t say enough about the instructors, the program and the effectiveness of Pilates. There are so many classes to choose from – you will never be bored and always challenged. The results are amazing. Do I need to say I love Bodies by Pilates? I love Bodies by Pilates!

Cudemo 8/14/2013

Love this place! I never feel like i’m working out in the traditional sense. It’s relaxing and energizing at the same time.


Bodies by Pilates is the place to go to get in shape and stay in shape!! The classes are well structured and diverse. You can pick and choose from a menu of classes they offer for beginners through advanced.I love that they are open 7 days a week and holidays!! The instructors are like rare gems!! They are all very friendly, patient, and most important, very knowledgeable and offer an amazing variety of exercises to work all muscle groups of your body. They are committed to helping you get that figure you never thought was possible!!! Thank you Bodies By Pilates!!

Anon 8/12/2013

This was my first class and I am looking forward to my next class.

Anon 8/10/2013

Have found working with Carol has improved my balance and strengthened my arms. Carol has been wonderful.

Belisario 8/6/2013

Carol is a wonderful Pilates instructor!

Anon 8/3/2013

Bodies by Pilates has excellent, motivating, knowledgeable & fun instructors, very reasonable pricing, great class schedule – both flexibility in scheduling through the use of online tool and variety of offerings. I’ve never been devoted to routine exercise in my life and am completely dedicated after 1 1/2 years as part of Deb’s studio family!

Harrington 8/2/2013

I had the best workout with Jess! It was very difficult but a lot of fun. Jess was very patient with teaching me about the springs and ways to modify the set-up of the reformer. I can’t wait to make Pilates a part of my exercise routine. The studio in Phoenixville is beautiful!

Hustis 7/30/2013

well trained instructors, professional and personable. great studio environment

MacBain 7/30/2013

I started with the Introductory Pack (30 days), and saw and felt results after just a few classes! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get in shape and feel better about themselves. I have only been going for two months and have dropped a clothing size already! i don’t think my core has ever been this strong! I am stronger, longer and leaner and am loving it! Thank you Deb and staff for your hard work and passion to help the clients achieve results!


The Pilates Pentathalon was a wonderful workout! Carol & Meg did a great job.

Reynolds 7/29/2013

Being someone who HATES exercise I was nervous to try Pilates. I had my private on Monday with Jenna and my first class yesterday with Meg and I must say, I love it! Jenna and Meg are both very knowledgeable and patient. They never make you feel out of shape or stupid. You get a great workout and feel great about yourself after 🙂 Thanks ladies!!


I first started coming to BBP a few years ago and fell in love. Well life happens and I got away from my practice for awhile but I’m back and addicted. I definitely notice a huge change in my body and I am anticipating even more as I branch out to the Piloxing and Spinlates classes. The instructors are pretty diverse in their styles, so you are bound to find someone that resoneates with you, from calm/Zen to more like a bootcamp. Thanks Deb for choosing Phoenixville (and Creamery since it’s not too far away :).

Corson 7/28/2013

Deb and her team are absolutely wonderful! If you have ever wanted to try Pilates, this is the place to go to. They work with you and make you feel incredible! Thank you Deb for making this affordable and fun!

Brand 7/28/2013

I am loving Bodies by Pilates! The atmosphere, instructors, and classes are wonderful. They truly care that you get the most out of the experience by making sure you have the right form and are doing the exercises correctly. I feel great after every class and I am looking forward to seeing my progress! I also love the variety of classes offered.

Anon 7/28/2013

I first went to Bodies by Pilates after I bought a Groupon for Reformer classes. I loved it! I could feel the results immediately. Liked Reformer so much I bought a light commercial machine that I saw on Craigslist – however, I don’t use quite as much as I thought I would because I like going to the studio so much. the classes are great motivators to push yourself and I definitely like the atmosphere and camaraderie of the place.


Pilates at Bodies by Pilates makes working out fun again. The instructors vary the workouts so I never get bored! The studio is always clean and the staff are knowledgeable and willing to help me improve my form. I always recommend the studio to friends who need a change from the same old workout they do. Love it here!

Belisario 7/28/2013

Wonderful instructors who want you to succeed in meeting your fitness goals ! You will love working in either location!

Anon 7/27/2013

Excited to start. Great studio & staff. Makes one feel very comfortable

Rands 7/22/2013

I’ve been going to Body By Pilates for 8 days now. I just turned 62 and after 10 years of being too busy at work to find time to exercise I’ve lost all muscle strength in my core. It doesn’t matter how out of shape you are, how old or young you are — you can do Pilates. I’ve done 6 classes so far and it is making a difference. The New Client Intro Package is a great deal and a good way to see if Pilates is for you. I’ve taken classes under 4 different instructors and can highly recommend all of them. Don’t wait, join Body By Pilates now.

Gerhart 7/22/2013

I have been taking Pilates classes with Deb and Carol for years and it has truly changed my life! I love the new studios and classes. I wouldn’t give it up for anything!


It is comforting to have instructors be REAL with you. At the Bodies By Pilates studio in Skippack, I never feel like I am competing with anyone other then myself. AND…that internal competition has been guided by the AUTHENTIC ENCOURAGEMENT of ALL the instructors. I truly appreciate the comments, “more IS NOT better” and “always at your own range.” FINALLY…I have found an exercise environment that provides ALL the necessary components to achieve MY goals. I am truly grateful!

Cairns 7/18/2013

These classes are worth every penny! My entire body, especially my core, has become so much stronger, and I feel healthier. There’s a great range of classes, and all the teachers are very friendly and helpful.

Eng 7/16/2013

Great facility and great instructors. Body really falls apart If i miss class. It works to keep me in shape. Thank you.

Principe 7/15/2013

I was introduced to Reformer Pilates by Deb over two years ago. It is by far my favorite form of exercise. It is fun, challenging and you can see and feel results almost immediately. Everyone can do it and feel the sense of accomplishment when you are able to stretch beyond what you thought your limits were. Deb is a professional; a perfectionist and runs an innovative business. You can never get tired of the routine because it is always changing. She sets high standards for her staff and her clients. You will not be dissappointed!

Barnes 7/13/2013


Barnes 7/13/2013

Bodies By Pilates changed the way I look at exercise. I love all the knowledgeable instructors and all the different classes that are offered.

Bolger 7/13/2013

Never before have I seen such an impeccably run pilates studio. The staff is absolutely top shelf, passionate, personally concerned. The owner, Deb, is constantly improving the equipment, the staff and the classes to keep up with her personal high standards. I can’t imagine what else anyone would be looking for in a studio.

Belisario 7/13/2013

Great workout!!

Mahmood 7/13/2013

I joined bodies by pilates to get away from the floor routine and experience what the reformer has to offer. The classes are great and the instructors very passionate and informative. My only issue is that due to class sizes in phoenixville being limited to 9 per class, class availability is limited and/or the class that I would like to take is booked way in advance.


I passed my 2 year Anniversary this spring and I still love it…first time I’ve stuck with anything that long. Deb, Carol, Karen, Melissa are all great!


I have had low back pain most of my adult life and heard about reformer pilates 2 years ago while on vacation. It’s extremely low impact, you feel changes in your core from the very first class. I’ve now been a student of Bodies By Pilates for 1 1/2 years and am not only committed to the reformer but also to the format of Deb’s studio. The registration and class sign-ups are all online and there is no commitment to a set class schedule (easy for a working Mom). The flexibility to attend when I can and the motivation of the group environment keeps me coming back for more! And of course, the instructors are fantastic and I leave every class with a smile on my face.

Pry 7/12/2013

Today was my third class and I already love Pilates! The instructors I have interacted with so far were Michelle and Jenna. They are so helpful and if needed will kindly help me correct my position so that I get the full benefit of each exercise. Today I came into the studio in Phoenixville at 12:15 for a foundation class with Jenna. She is very professional and personable. She has a fun bubbly personality you can tell that she is passionate about Pilates. The classes are so exciting because you learn so much each time and that is what has me coming back for more. I want to build lean muscle and continue on my journey to a healthy lifestyle. I would like to mention that Jenna and Michelle both took time after class to show me modifications for the few things I am not so great at yet. At the same time they were encouraging and supportive to keep at it. There is a great feeling from accomplishing a goal and the ladies at Bodies by Pilates are going to help me reach it!

Gunning 7/10/2013

Great workout. Already seeing an improvement on how my clothes fit. Would recommend to anyone.

Roussey 7/9/2013

Bodies By Pilates is the most fun I’ve ever had getting in shape. I recently had my second baby and am trying to get as close to my pre baby figure as possible. Reformer Pilates is the way to go and I could literally feel myself toning up after the second workout! I’ve had classes with almost every instructor and they’re all great. I highly recommend this place!


Have you ever joined a gym or exercise program and after the initial introductory visit, when you went back, you felt alone, confused and frustrated? Well, I have to share that I am experiencing the COMPLETE OPPOSITE at the Pilate’s studio in Creamery. Even though the studio might be full with clients, I always feel that the instructors are giving me personal attention. This makes me feel like they are making an investment in my success. It also keeps me motivated and focused on my goals. I have to say, I am SUPER APPRECIATIVE!!! Thank you Deborah, Cara, Carol, Jenna, and Jessica!!!

Knebels 7/8/2013

Best work out I have ever experienced! Bodies By Pilates offers lots of variety to switch up your work outs. Instructors are motivating and inspiring.

Hustis 7/8/2013

pilates is great and doable for any age. the instructors are superb.

MacBain 7/8/2013

Very well structured. Instructors are passionate about helping class members achieve results! BodiesbyPilates is the best!!

Czapla 7/6/2013

This is an amazing studio. They offer a huge variety of classes and have something for people of all levels. The instructors are all amazing and so helpful. I have been going for about 5 months and can see such a difference in my abilities. Scheduling is very easy to do and is managed all online. I would recommend Bodies by Pilates to anyone and pplan on continuing here for years.


I had been thinking about pilates for awhile and I finally bit the bullet and signed up with the new client offer. Deb and her instructors are fantastic and will work with you on form and modifications. And they provide great motivation!!! After 6 sessions, I am walking taller and feel awesome! And and I can finally plank for longer than 10 seconds! If you are thinking of taking pilates – do it, you will not regret it! Deb – you have a client for life!!!

Jockel 7/6/2013

Love this workout! I have the most experience with Mellissa’s foundations classes at the Phoenixville studio, as I am a beginner. I am training for a race in my days away from pilates, and the reformer class continues to challenge me, providing a great counterpart to running. I took my first spin class recently, and it’s a killer workout that anyone can participate in with the right drive. The studio is always clean, the music gets you pumped up to pump those legs, and fellow classmates, while sometimes strangers, are continually friendly and welcoming.

Anon 7/5/2013

I’ve been practicing pilates at Bodies by Pilates for almost 3 years. Yes, indeed, it is a practice, but without a doubt it is my passion. Deb, Carol, Karen, Melissa, Meg, I love them all – each with their own personality, but always the same effectiveness. I can be assured that during any given class, they will cue an exercise that makes me say, “hmmm…I can do this better”.

Stewart 7/5/2013

Seriously , best place in phoenixville to work out –

Belisario 7/5/2013

Bodies by Pilates is an amazing workout that allows me to work out , strengthen my core, improve my posture, burn calories, and most of all feel good about myself. Deb motivates everyone to work hard and to push through your comfort zone. Carol is passionate about pilates and is always having us “zip up button 1,2, 3, 4, 5”, to help with our core. All the instructors are focused and passionate about teaching, I recommend everyone to give bodies by pilates a try, you will not regret it!!

Bruno 7/5/2013

After doing what I thought was pilates on demand in my house for years, Bodies by Pilates has shown me in 2 weeks how to do pilates right — and I can really feel it in my core already!!! It’s targeting where I really need it, which years of various exercise routines have failed to do.


I love the variety of classes Bodies by Pilates has to offer! The reformer has given me definition and has increased my flexibility. Piloxing is a fun way to get some cardio plus tone up. Spinlates is intense! Many other classes to choose from.

Dallas 7/4/2013

Can not express enough what Pilates has done for my agility to date! Why I didn’t start this years ago is beyond me;) Thanks to all the wonderful instructor’s, equipment and commitment.

Anon 7/4/2013

The Bodies by Pilates’ Phoenixville studio has a spa feel. I love that It’s by appointment, so there’s no waiting to use the equipment. All transactions are made online, which is fast and easy. I’ve been going to the studio for a year, and I’m not tired of it. It’s the only fitness regime that I’ve even wanted to stick with because I can see, and feel the results. I love it, and look forward to the sessions every time!


It is crazy to admit that I have been passing the Creamery location for the last 5 months of the school year and never went in. Boy was I super curious, but also hesitant because I didn’t know anything about Pilates. That all changed 2 1/2 weeks ago. I went in to get more information and I left inspired. I enrolled with an introductory package and I am working hard. I recognized that Pilates can be an exercise regime that I can do everyday and I’m doing just that! Their scheduling allows me to take the appropriate level classes. I’m truly grateful for this convenience and therefore I can’t make excuses for myself about not finding the time. There are so many choices. As far as results…my energy levels are wonderful, my core strength and flexibility are improving, and my motivation to continue working to transform my body is not wavering. I’ll keep you posted about my growth and success. SO…my teacher friends…come join this fabulous journey with me. Tracy

Anon 7/3/2013

I have done mat Pilates before, but never reformer. I have been wating to try Bodies by Pilates for a while and finally did. I was impressed with everything. Its a very professional and encouraging environment. The reformer classes are a great workout also. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new routine!

Gorman 6/29/2013

Is there a way to give a 100 stars? I’ve been working out 4-6 days a week since 1990. I even taught every style of aerobics and spinning from 1990-2006…. I am pretty knowledgable regarding the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle. I found Pilates with Deb and Carol at a gym a few years ago but then that gym closed. There really aren’t Pilates studios in the area so I figured that was that. This past February Deb opened Bodies by Pilates in Creamery which is a mile from my house. I was ecstatic to reconnect with a Pilates, Deb and her awesome staff. In 2010 I was injured during a surgery that has left my right leg permanently disabled. I have learned that a strong core or your “powerhouse” as it is called in Pilates makes all the difference for strength and agility as we age….and you never know what injury will come your way….you know the adage an ounce of prevention? Five months later I am down 10 pounds and look better than I did in my 20s….disability and all. I have limitations and Pilates is so adaptable….the results are amazing…. THANK YOU DEB! EVERYONE can do Pilates…. and to be fortunate enough to have Deb as a mentor is life changing. I hope to do Pilates for the rest of my life, hopefully at B by P…. You would be crazy not to.

Anon 6/29/2013

Have been doing Reformer Pilates for several years now with Deb and Carol. Great overall workout that improves strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, posture and even cardio health with multiple equipment choices. Instructors change it up all the time; we’re never bored! Exercises are easy to modify if you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, have physical limitations or are coming back from an injury. Try it — you’ll get hooked too!

Carhart 6/26/2013

Motivating instructors who provide inspiration for achieving physical fitness with great class options. Bodies by Pilates is a unique experience which enriches my life. The work outs make me feel stronger both mentally and physically. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves. Try the free introductory class to experience it for yourself. It is an amazingly positive environment for all levels!

Anon 6/24/2013

Web site experience: I logged into My Account to buy classes. I didn’t want my credit card to reside on the web site. However, when I put my cc number in, there was no choice to not save the number. As a result the web administrator was needed to remove my cc number. Next time, I’ll buy classes at the desk.

Anon 6/19/2013

Pilates has been very helpful in helping me with strength, balance and energy. Carol has been excellent in interpreting my needs and developing a program to meet them.

Booth 6/18/2013

I love Bodies by Pilates! Both studios are gorgeous, and neither one has that “gym” feel. Deb and her staff are so excellent, friendly and providing personal attention in every class. They sincerely want each student to do his/her best, and it shows!

Anon 6/16/2013

Love the Reformer Class. I always walk away feeling that I got a good workout

Anon 6/15/2013

Love classes at Bodies by Pilates – all instructors are so motivational and positive! Classes are challenging yet so fun, and I love the results.

Ferguson 6/14/2013

LOVE LOVE LOVE PILATES! I always feel so much stronger and taller after every class. I would highly reccomend your classes to anyone who wants to feel fit, firm and energized!

Czachor 6/14/2013

Once you try it you will be hooked… its the first time I have actually enjoyed an exercise program & stuck with it. Love it! Deb & Carol are fantastic, their passion for pilates is contagious. My husband just told me my posture is perfect… 2 years of Pilates will do that for you!

Stewart 6/12/2013

my favorite place to work out – ever!

Rowan 6/12/2013

I have never enjoyed working out. I love the instructors, the class mates, the format of classes, the environment and most of all how I feel!

Czapla 6/12/2013

I have done mat pilates before (at another pilates studio) and enjoyed it, but didn’t really feel I got a workout. (Likely because it was beginner) I was really hesitant to try the reformer because it kind of looked slightly like a torture mechanism. I soon found out that it WAS a torture mechanism (especially side jumping!) but in the best way. I got exactly what I bargained for, mostly because of the instructors, who knew exactly how and when to push. I have yet to find an instructor there that I don’t like. It made me confident to try classes like Pilates Barre, stick, Pilates Chair and Pumped Up Pilates…all which I LOVE. This particular pilates studio is very clean, and well maintained. The equipment is also top-notch.

Dallas 6/12/2013

Deb’s passion for Pilates is evident in her studio’s and instructors! Impeccably maintained equipment and great scheduling programs. Best decision i ever made!!

Anon 6/10/2013

Clean studio, friendly staff, energenic atmosphere

Anon 6/10/2013

Clean enviroment, friendly staff, energetic atmosphere.

Morrison 6/6/2013

The classes started out as a challenge as a newbie, getting the hang of it, always a good workout, the instructors are wonderful, helpful, professional!

Askew 6/4/2013

I have tried many different types of exercise over the years, but have never stuck to it because I lacked the motivation and didn’t like the exercise, whether it was the gym or cardio, etc. For the first time (and I wish I had discovered it a lot sooner), I love exercising doing Pilates. I have been going to Carol’s class on Saturdays and she is just a fantastic teacher, very focused on the details and form. She has been so helpful in working with me on some modified exercises since I have bad wrists. In her classes, we work on the reformer and also do some mat and chair Pilates so there is a lot of variety. She changes the routine almost every week so it’s constantly challenging. I can feel my core getting stronger and that has really helped with my lower back issues. I generally feel stronger and healthier.

Sitron 5/31/2013

Great first experience with Carol. Looking. Forward to better myself with her help. Bernie

Anon 5/26/2013

Deb has really created something special with Bodies by Pilates. She keeps raising the bar for herself, the instructors, and us! I love going to the classes she teaches herself because she is 100% focused on making sure we are doing Pilates the right way so we get the most out of it. -Amy

Laskey 5/26/2013

Love the way that Deb pushes you to work hard and obtaining a healthy & fit body! Pilates is the one form of exercise that I look forward to!

Davidson 5/25/2013

Patient and friendly instructors. Clean and safe environment. Good stretch and exercise. An amazing place in the center of downtown Phoenixville.

Setley 5/25/2013

I have thoroughly enjoyed the new studio in Creamery. The studio makes pilates very convenient. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable. As a yoga teacher I find pilates very complementary to the practice of yoga. Thank you for bringing pilates to the Skippack area.

Anon 5/24/2013

Great studio. Friendly and impressive instructors. Varied schedule. Clean facility. Good value. Highly recommend.

DeNicco 5/24/2013

After eight Foundation Lessons I feel wonderful. I used to do weight training and always had sore muscles, with pilates I feel fantastic.

Liebold 5/23/2013

Bodies By Pilates has been one of the best experiences for me in both body and mind. The Instructors are not only fabulous at their teaching skills, but also are great at making one feel comfortable and special, getting to know your strengths and troubled spots in helping you to acheive your goal. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful group

Anon 5/23/2013

Every time I go to Bodies by Pilates I leave feeling stronger, tighter and more connected. The series of exercises are always well balanced and completely support all aspects of fitness, flexibility and core strength. I always leave there feeling better than when I went in.

Anon 5/23/2013

I’m just getting back into Pilates and I love Bodies by Pilates. They have a great schedule and excellent instructors. Exactly what this working mom needed to get her butt bak in shape. .

Anon 5/23/2013

Great variety

Anon 5/22/2013

I have finally found a workout that doesn’t feel like exercise!

Christman 5/22/2013

I enjoy the variety of classes available. Even when you take the same class weekly, the exercises change so you are never bored or plateau.

Schwartz 5/22/2013

Bodies by Pilates is great place!!! The instructors are excellent and the class schedule and variety has something for everyone. Love it and could not live without it…..

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