• Janelle Vannoy Owner

    Janelle has always been drawn to fitness but she found herself immersed in a whole new passion when she was introduced to Pilates. She is truly excited to be able to now share that passion with those that attend her classes. She started practicing Pilates in 2005 and went through IMX Pilates certification originally and recently completed Level 1 Peak Pilates certification. Janelle is fascinated with the transformative power that the mind has over the body and believes that the physical health and awareness are essential to reaching one’s optimal potential. It is a great feeling to be inspired and inspire others through the Pilates experience. My goal for you is to walk out of the door feeling exhilarated, more in tune with your inner self, and walking just a little bit taller. Janelle could not be more excited to be a part of the Bodies by Pilates family! Hope to see you in one of my classes soon!

  • Karen Smith

    Karen grew up with a love for exercise having practiced several types of dance for many years. It was no surprise that practicing and teaching this mind-body method was a natural fit. She was introduced to pilates in 2014 at Bodies by Pilates upon the recommendation of a friend to address chronic lower back discomfort resulting from pregnancy and past injuries. After a few sessions she was hooked. After three weeks, she realized her back was not bothering her as much. A couple years later, Karen is now a Peak Pilates Level 1 certified instructor.

    Now in the best physical condition of her life thanks to pilates, Karen believes you must always be a student of the work first, teacher second. She enjoys sharing the benefits of pilates and seeing the changes in those she teaches. Outside of pilates, Karen enjoys being with her daughter and husband, traveling, and cooking healthy recipes.

  • Tracy Brand

    Tracy has been a fitness enthusiast for over 30 years – running, weight training, yoga, barre, and aerobics. She was always looking for and trying the supposed latest and greatest thing. Five years ago she knew she had found what she had been constantly in search of; an exercise program that is challenging, therapeutic, and transformative. Seeing and feeling the changes in her own body through her practice inspired her to obtain her Level I Peak Pilates certification. In addition to achieving her Level I certification she is a certified instructor for the Boxing program at the studio, which is an excellent addition to your Pilates practice. Tracy loves to challenge herself both physically and mentally in her workouts and wants that for her clients as well. There is nothing more gratifying than being in the moment and pushing yourself a little further today than yesterday. Getting stronger, leaner, and feeling confident is the cherry on top!

  • Carol Weiss

    Carol Weiss has been teaching the Pilates method for ten years. She has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1, 2, and 3 certification, Madd Dog Spinning Certification and is Barre certified. Carol expanded her knowledge after becoming certified in mat and reformer Pilates over nine years ago. Carol is known for her technical ability and her pleasant way of presenting Pilates to her clients. It is always obvious that she loves what she does. You will leave her class feeling invigorated and spiritually cleansed

  • Penny Schaeffer

    Penny has taken part in all sorts of fitness activities, from weight training and running, to zumba and boxing. However, it is Pilates that has always made her the happiest. She enjoys the precision combined with fluid movement that is part of each exercise. She has her Peak Pilates Comprehensive Level I certification, is a Qualified TRX trainer and already has plans to continue on to Level II, further TRX qualifications and barre certification. Penny has been an elementary school teacher for many years and is excited to extend her teaching into the world of Pilates. She strives to motivate her students to always get more out of each workout than they did the day before.

  • Claudia Tramell

    Claudia discovered her love for Pilates while in graduate school, beginning with group classical mat practice and eventually the reformer and other apparatus in private sessions. After receiving a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Temple University in 2006, she discovered the very movements and stretches practiced in the studio could be adapted and applied in a rehabilitation setting. Little did she know three months of bed rest due to pregnancy complications would afford her a first-hand appreciation of the transformation possible from Pilates regarding strength and function. As a result, Claudia is well equipped to handle the challenge of working with clients suffering from chronic or acute physiological issues. Claudia has her Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Level 1 and 2 Certification and is also Barre certified.

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