Our Mission Statement

Bodies by Pilates promises to provide the most professional, most effective workout in a personal, non-intimidating atmosphere to every single client.

We are dedicated to making your experience unique and pleasurable each time you practice with us. We guarantee the Best Teachers with the Best Education so we can pass that onto you to get the results you are working for. We believe that every client is a unique individual with unique goals. Bodies by Pilates staff will always make this our top priority!

Transform your body; Transform your life:
Pilates Reformer will enable you to experience the true meaning of the mind/body connection. A healthy body which stands strong and erect creates a healthy, positive mind. A pain free body clears the mind of negativity and replenishes it with positive energy.

Bodies by Pilates is a Pilates Reformer studio offers group reformer classes as well as private sessions. We have a schedule of over (75) classes/week to choose from.

You are able to reserve and pay for classes online. Please visit real time & online scheduling software called mindbodyonline.com and find our Bodies by Pilates schedule to access everything you need to enroll for Classes immediately and start your personal transformation.


Parking can be a bit of a challenge on Bridge Street.  Try to get to the studio 10 minutes before class starts, this will give you enough time to find a parking spot.

If you park on Bridge Street, there is a 2-hour parking limit.  If you can’t find a spot on the street the best alternative is to park in a lot with metered spots behind our building on Main Street and Price.

A third choice is to park in the lot off Main Street and Prospect Street.  That lot is also a metered lot.  It’s easy to pay in the lots using the app called Passport. https://ppprk.com/park/


Pilates family, remember Phoenixville changed this ONE spot to handicapped parking.

“After 10 sessions you’ll FEEL a difference, after 20 you’ll SEE a difference, and after 30 you’ll have a new body.
– J. H. Pilates

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