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Bodies by Pilates promises to provide the most professional, most effective workout in a personal, non-intimidating atmosphere to every single client. We are dedicated to making your experience unique and pleasurable each time you practice with us.

We guarantee the Best Teachers with the Best Education so we can pass that onto you to get the results you are working for.

We believe that every client is a unique individual with unique goals. Bodies by Pilates staff will always make this our top priority!


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Bodies by Pilates promises to provide the most professional, most effective workout in a personal, non-intimidating atmosphere to every single client.

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  • The classes are great, the instructors care about the accuracy of your body position which is important since that is a big part of Pilates, how you do the exercise.

    Jessica G.
  • I come from North Carolina twice a month to Phoenixville and was thrilled to find Bodies by Pilates to continue with my schedule while I'm out of town. Deb and her staff are fabulous and I'm always pushed to do my best in each of the classes because of the expert trainers.

    Jayne M.
  • I simply just love the class. My back feels so much better after class.

    Brandon W.
  • I absolutely love going to Bodies by Pilates. I started taking basic Reformer classes a few years ago. Now I am addicted to the Body Shred is such a great workout. The new location allows for multiple classes at once, which means more classes are available to attend.

  • Claudia is an excellent instructor. She explains everything clearly and with great patience.

  • I Love Bodies By Pilates. The staff is very nice and professional. I always feel great when I leave.

    Kelli H.
  • I absolutely love BBP and would absolutely recommend it to anyone, men and women included. 3 months into pilates and I can see the difference in my body and completely changed my outlook on living healthy. The studio is spacious and clean, the classes are great, and the instructors are knowledgeable & passionate about what they teach. My only wish is I wish I knew about this place sooner!

    Nghi P.
  • LOVE Bodies by Pilates! I just joined this week and I am already hooked! The space is perfect, convenient, and very metropolitan! The owners/instructors made me feel so comfortable considering I have never done reformer pilates before! The online booking is so user friendly and can customize my schedule to my needs! I can't wait to see the transformation and get my pilates body!!!!

    Kristen Perez
  • Best. Workout. EVER!!! The studio is such a beautiful space! If you have ever been tempted to try Pilates Reformer, this is the way to do it in a supportive environment. After my orientation class, I am hooked and excited to see the transformation that is to come!

    UPDATE: 12/3/10
    Last night I completed my 30th class. I never thought I would become as strong as I have. Week after week, little by little, Deb and Carol sunk in new reformer moves. Those were the moves that I was NEVER supposed to actually do! Boy was I wrong! Once you "break through" and find that inner strength, you never look back!

    Adrienne Lynn Sienkowski
  • I have to say that, having been with the studio since it opened in Phoenixville, my experience with Bodies by Pilates has truly been transformative. A Pilates newbie, I really had no idea what to expect when I first came to the studio. But starting from the very first class, all the instructors have not only been patient with my inexperience but also tailor the class to suit my needs and skill level. Deb, Carol and Rosanna are always ready with a suggestion or tweak on how to make an exercise better and it's really helped me. I'm proud to say that I've gone from being terrified of going "over the box" to now "climbing a tree" with ease. In addition, I can tell that my regular Pilates classes have helped me in other ways -- I feel like I get more out of my cardio exercises and post-workout stretches are much easier as my flexibility has increased. I also feel a definite improvement in my lower back -- I've gone from a nagging daily pain to almost no pain at all. I've also noticed better body tone and just an overall "feeling good" feeling.

    Now, I can't imagine a day without Pilates :) Many thanks to Deb and team for bringing the studio to Phoenixville -- what a fantastic addition!

  • Reformer Pilates is simply the best form of exercise I've ever done. It's efficient, relaxing, and most importantly it yields results. They say you start to see changes after 15 classes, but for me it was more like 8. My posture is improved, my stomach is flatter, and my calves look really good (if you ignore the spider veins ;-)

    After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis 2 years ago, I figured I was pretty much off the hook as far as exercise was concerned. Not that I found this disappointing, I never much enjoyed it anyway. But, alas, my doctor insisted that if I didn't do SOMETHING I would end up in worse shape down the line. So, on a whim, I took one of the Sunday free classes at Bodies By Pilates, and...I liked it!

    I signed up for "group" classes, but with a maximum of 9 people to a class, it feels more like having a personal trainer. The instructors all know you by name (and somehow always remember who has a bad knee, bum hip, or short legs). I was concerned about parking downtown, but so far its been a non-issue. The room is nicely decorated and has a spa feel. I like the online scheduling which tells you how many people are already signed up for machines (unlike dragging myself into the gym only to find all the treadmills taken!) The class times are convenient, although the choice slots fill up quickly. It took a few classes to get the terminology down, but since everyone is lying on their backs, no one notices when you make a mistake.

    Basically, I give Reformer Pilates the most glowing review I've ever given any form or doesn't suck!

  • I just got off the scale and have now lost 33 pounds since going to the Orientation class at Bodies for Pilates in Phoenixville in July. The impact on my body, my outlook, my energy level, and my health since starting to go to Bodies by Pilates is amazing -- it really is a life changing transformation! And I'm down 2+ sizes so far!! I owe so much to Deb, Carol, and Rosanna for helping me get to this point. The instructors are absolutely the best and make the classes fun. There is a variety of classes to choose from. There are always new exercises to learn, as well as old exercises to improve on. The people who go are very friendly, nice, non - intimidating, and make the classes enjoyable.

    I highly recommend Bodies by Pilates.

  • There's a new cult emerging in Phoenixville. It is called Deb's Disciples. It consists mostly of women who are devoted supporters of Deb's philosophy that Pilates Reformer trumps all other forms of exercise. This cult boasts avid followers. Their posture has improved, their stomachs have gotten flatter, they've lost inches and pounds, are more toned and stronger than ever before. Join the ranks of Deb's Disciples and you'll never look back. You might, however, find yourself murmuring throughout the day, "Inhale through the ribcage, exhale through the bellybutton."

    A Deb Disciple
  • Bodies By Pilates is amazing! It is so rare to find a Pilates studio that has the whole package: knowledgeable and caring teachers, a variety of classes for all levels, and stellar facilities and equipment - with some of the lowest prices in the biz. This studio is proof that Pilates is for every body! I started Pilates as a vehicle for getting wedding-ready, but it has turned into a passion for me. Now Bodies by Pilates is helping me get my pre-baby body back! I would recommend Bodies by Pilates to anyone. I am always amazed by the variety of ages and shapes of women in the classes. I repeatedly see women with 20+ years on me who are more flexible and much stronger than I am. I believe Pilates is the fountain of youth and I will be pursuing it for my whole life! Thank you Bodies by Pilates!

    Shelly L.
  • Enjoyed my first session, very thorough Janelle was an excellent teacher. I am looking forward to continuing my classes .

    Stephanie G.
  • I received a great introduction to the equipment and movements for exercise. I felt encouraged and well informed, prepared to take a group class.

    Kristen B.
  • Love everything about this studio, especially the way I feel after each class!! Great teachers, great classes and wonderful atmosphere!!

    Kim S.
  • Love body shred!

    Briley S.
  • All of the instructors I have taken classes with have been fantastic. Carol, Jenelle, and Claudia have all been understanding of I need to modify a specific exercise for my low back injury. Would recommend Bodies by Pilates to anyone in a heartbeat!

    Erin H.
  • The new studio is great with the open concept, I feel there's more cohesiveness with teachers and clients when you enter and see everyone, even if it's just to passing thru to get to another class. Also , really enjoying the new classes on the schedule, so I can vary my workouts. Deb and her teachers are nothing short of awesome when it comes to pilates etal. So very gratiful to have found them. PL

    Peggy L.
  • Pilates is the first exercise routine I have ever been able to stick with and love and Bodies by Pilates is the place to go! The instructors are knowledgeable and patient. They help you progress without letting you become discouraged. The facility is lovely and the equipment is always kept clean and in great repair. The only downside is that you may become addicted to Pilates like me!

    Gail R.
  • I wish I found this place sooner. I love the instructors. The studio is very nice and clean. Pilates really help me with my muscle pains. I enjoy the classes a lot.

    Tantri M.
  • The Bodyshred classes are phenomenal! The instructor always kicks it up a notch & I love it! The studio is clean & my favorite forgotten water bottle was still there the following week. Unfortunately, parking is a hassle, the bathroom mirrors are too small & placed too high for those of us that are vertically challenged. Toilet seat covers would be nice since it's still a public bathroom.

  • Loved the individual instruction by Carol. I am really looking forward to the classes I have scheduled over the course of the next month!

    Erin H.
  • happy that Bodies by Pilates is a part of Bridge Street and even happier that I am a client of Body by Pilates. the studio is welcoming as is the staff and the instruction is superb!

    Ted K.
  • Amazing studio environment with top notch instructors!!!! A life-changing, challenging, healthy workout!

    Karen S.
  • I am grateful that Deb Lemon Heil created Bodies for Pilates. This will be my 3rd year with this excerise regime and I believe, at 51, that I have never been as physically and emotionally strong. Carol, Cara, Jenna, Melissa and Deb have helped me develop this strength. Their expertise, professionalism and kindness makes my Pilate's experience AWESOME!!!

    Tracy M.
  • Beautiful studio with excellent trainers who make you feel welcome:)

    Susan Z.
  • Could NOT be HAPPIER with the classes at Bodies by Pilates!! Its become my sanctuary from my weekly insanity! Had a rough day, get yourself to a Shred class, what road rager? Need to decompress for an hour, Pilates is your jam! LOVE it here!

    Angela W.
  • Expert instruction, cheerful, clean space, many workout options- this place is great!

    Wendy W.
  • I love Bodies by Pilates. The instructors are great and they know what they are doing. I am pregnant and working out at this studio is a must for me. The instructors are great at modifying the exercises for my pregnancy. I highly recommend you give Bodies by Pilates a try. It's worth it.

    Connie T.
  • Shred class is absolutely the best 30 minute workout I have ever experienced. Fun fast and exhilarating activities! The instructors of this class make it Fun!

  • Absolutely loving the new BodyShred classes! Great workout in just 30 minutes, which goes by so fast. Instructors have high energy which helps to keep you to keep up your own. And who doesn't love hitting and kicking things?

    Penny S.
  • I have been doing pilates on a mat for over a year. Had my first lesson on the reformer, totally different. I now realize my form was way out of whack! I highly recommend this studio, top notch.

    Trish C.
  • Love this place! Instructors are the real deal. SO glad I found it.

    Wendy W.
  • Carol Weiss has been amazing and I am really enjoying the Foundations series. I am 6 months pregnant and she has been so accommodating in her schedule and so thoughtful in her feedback and expertise in showing me the foundation moves, plus the necessary modifications. I am so very fortunate to have found this studio and feel very blessed to have been teamed up with Carol in my privates. I can't wait to get in to try some of the other classes in my post-natal months.

    Lisa J.
  • Simply LOVING the new studio!!! The classes are AWESOME!!! Feeling very grateful and inspired. I was able to schedule every class I wanted to take this week: Tower, Reformer, Lean Legs, Foundations and Jump Board Reformer. BTW...parking IS NOT an issue.

    Tracy M.
  • An amazing place everyone should check out!! You owe it to yourself! Great classes!

    Angela W.
  • I have found the classes to be fun, challenging and even a little relaxing. This is my first Pilates experience and I'm really enjoying it

  • Awesome classes, awesome teachers. Very positive atmosphere.

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